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Motorola One live leak images: White color, dual cameras, glass back and many more

Motorola is all set to host an event at its headquarters in Chicago on August 2. The ongoing rumors have suggested that the company might unveil three smartphones at this event. The speculated devices include the Moto Z3 Play, Moto One Power and the recently rumored Motorola One aka Moto One. While there is no official confirmation regarding the devices that will be announced next month, the live images of the Motorola One have hit the web.
A post by Slash Leaks tipster ZyadAtef12 shows the live images of the Motorola One in White color. These images also reveal the presence of a dual-camera setup at its rear with the two sensors positioned vertically at the top left corner. Unfortunately, the front of this smartphone is not seen.

Glass finishThe Motorola One appears to have a rear panel with a glass finish and aluminum frame at the sides. There appears to be a small Motorola logo at the center of the top center of the rear panel. This logo is enclosed within a circular aluminum ring. B…

Death of Yahoo Messenger on July 17, 2018

Yahoo is shut down of its Yahoo messenger now. By the way, this messenger is known very well. But now Yahoo has decided to give the same rest. Friends, you may be wondering what will happen to the old users now. But friends do not have to worry about you, because Yahoo will redirect all users to new group messenger squirrels. But all users will have six months to download their chat history.


Yahoo has tested its new group messenger last month. As soon as Yahoo Messenger is off, you can go to the new messenger squirrel. But now if you go to the new messenger you will not get access. For this, you will have to wait for Yahoo's old messenger to stop.

Yahoo launched its messaging service in 1998. This was very popular among Indians in their time. But gradually its users started coming down because of the new messaging app market like this, such as Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, and Whats App Messenger. In this Facebook messenger is gross networking based, Google Talk is its equivalent, and Whats App is a smartphone-based app. Yahoo, in December, tried to revive its messenger service by updating the previous Android and iOS apps besides its web counterpart.

In 2015, Yahoo once again presented its messenger in a new hybridization. The original Messenger app was stepped up in August next year. This update features an entirely new design, and many new features. The most notable of them was the random feature, which allowed users to retract their steps and undo messages.

But the new Yahoo messenger could not be as popular as its old version. Because his competition was from the best chatting app like WhatsApp, Google Talk and Facebook Messenger. And secondly, people have gone from desktop to mobile and WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and iMassage are very popular on mobile. And due to these, desktop software like Google hangouts and Yahoo app have lagged behind.

Yahoo did not give any reason to shut down its messenger. But we all know these ages are of Android and iOS.

It has been said by Yahoo

"We know we have many loyal fans who have used Yahoo Messenger since its beginning as one of the first chat apps of its kind," it notes. "As the communication landscape continues to change over, we're focusing on building and introducing new, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs."

Yahoo!'s date of closure of Yahoo! Messenger on July 17, 2018

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