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Motorola One live leak images: White color, dual cameras, glass back and many more

Motorola is all set to host an event at its headquarters in Chicago on August 2. The ongoing rumors have suggested that the company might unveil three smartphones at this event. The speculated devices include the Moto Z3 Play, Moto One Power and the recently rumored Motorola One aka Moto One. While there is no official confirmation regarding the devices that will be announced next month, the live images of the Motorola One have hit the web.
A post by Slash Leaks tipster ZyadAtef12 shows the live images of the Motorola One in White color. These images also reveal the presence of a dual-camera setup at its rear with the two sensors positioned vertically at the top left corner. Unfortunately, the front of this smartphone is not seen.

Glass finishThe Motorola One appears to have a rear panel with a glass finish and aluminum frame at the sides. There appears to be a small Motorola logo at the center of the top center of the rear panel. This logo is enclosed within a circular aluminum ring. B…

How to Earn money through Vigyapaan ?

The money from online advertising is the best product sell tips:- available on the website. If there is some item and product in your house that you do not want to use. You can earn some money online by earning money from online Vigyapaan. Most people sell old products online. You must know that Vigyapaan is a platform where you can sell your home items online without spending any money.

Now the question is how do you sell a product online using Vigyapaan?

If such a question is also in your mind how to sell the product on the ad. So you will find the answer to this question in this post. Here you will be told the steps to make online sales in Vigyapaan.

First of all, we will have to go to register free account. After that we will have to fill in your name and email ID and then we will have to make a password. After that you will get an email from Vigyapaan on your email account. You will have a link in it, by clicking on it you need to verify your email ID.

Your ad will not be posted if you do not verify it

Process to sell product online by using Vigyapaan free classified ads post:-

Step 1 - How to earn money from online Vigyapaan:

Go to and search the website for Vigyapaan. Here, keep in mind that you live where you live. Search that area in Google.

Examples: If you live in Delhi. So you search on Google Ads delhi .

Step 2- How to earn money from online Vigyapaan:

Google brings search results to Google You can then open Vigyapaan's website. After that login your account using login button through user ID and password. Then the page of Vigyapaan below will appear next to him. You will have to click Submit you ad free to post your free Vigyapaan Classifieds.

Step 3- How to earn money from online Vigyapaan:

Then you will come online Vigyapaan ads submission form. You have to fill in your ad titles, categories, descriptors etc.

Step 4- How to Earn Money from Online Vigyapaan:

Select the title that is different from the other seller. So that everyone's eyes fall on your ad. In this case, add as much as you can to your item's details in the Detail Title.
Example if I'm thinking of selling my Lenovo 600
I will place a title like this in the free classified advertisement of Vigyapaan ad - Lenovo A6000 5 months Old Vigyapaan with Charges Only Rs 5000.

Step 5- How to earn money from online Vigyapaan:
You have to be very cautious when choosing categories. If you select the wrong category, then Your product will be posted in the wrong category and you will not receive any calls. or sell a product or a product If you want to sell your mobile phone, you can call your mobile phone and mobile phone number.

Step 6- How to earn money from online Vigyapaan:
The mobile category is 3 types. mobile phones, tablets and accessories You have to select mobile phones.

Step 7- How to Earn Money From Online Vigyapaan:
After selecting the mobile phone category, you have to tell that your phone belongs to the company and the brand. Our mobile is Lenovo's in our case. So we will select Lenovo Mobile.

Step 8- How to Earn Money from Online Vigyapaan:
Now, in the next step of selling the product online at Vigyapaan, you have to upload your product photo. You can upload 4 pixels of your product. So that there is no takedown in the purchaser to look at the product.

Step 9- How to Earn Money from Online Vigyapaan:
After uploading the photo, you now have to give information about yourself. So that the buyer who likes your product, can easily contact you and buy your product. Here you have to give your name, your mobile number, email and location details.

Step 10- How to Earn Money from Online Vigyapaan:
This is the last step of posting a classified classifieds for selling a product at Vigyapaan. In this just after filling out all your information, click the submit button.

Then you will receive a verification email from Vigyapaan. In that, you will be given a link, click on that, you have to verify your email and your free classified ads will be posted.


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