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xiaomi redmi 6 launches on 12th June: do you know about it

Chinese Giant Xiaomi is ready to launch its new budget smartphone in China. Whose name is Redmi 6. The possible date for the launch of Redmi 6 is July 12. But there is no confirmation about when the Redmi 6 will be launched in India. But India is a big market for smartphones, so Redmi 6 is expected to be launched in India soon.
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It is speculated that xiaomi can launch many versions of Redmi 6. However, so far reports have shown that Xiaomi is going to launch three versions of Redmi 6 in the market, which is the model numbers M1804C3DE, M1804C3CC and M1804C3CE. Rear dual-lens cameras will come with model number M1804C3DE. While the single-lens rear camera will come with both the remaining models. According to the Chinese certification website TENNA, Redmi 6 has a 5.45 inch display 720 × 1440 resolution pixel and touch display aspect ratio is 18: 9.
                                Click here Reports have shown that Xiaomi will run with its Redmi 6 on qualcomm snapdragon 625 proces…

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